Paul Fisher
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"I had such a good time shooting in Paul Fisher Salon! I thought it was a great location, very spacious and wonderful people to work with! I mean we had Paul Fisher as a makeup artist who does such a fantastic job for makeup plus you will see Sacia O's one of a kind head pieces there! The shoot was fun and I really wanted to stay longer after the shoot and hang out with staff members there."                                                                                                          -Toktam Aboozary - Model/Actor 

Paul Fisher is a gifted makeup magician who will transform you in a matter of minutes with top-of-the-line makeup ingredients hand-crafted by Mr. Fisher himself, and Sacia O's custom-made hats and head ornaments are simply exquisite. I just love everything about Paul Fisher Salon!
-Pamela Clay - Actress/Singer

Hottest Spot In Town, 4 Stars!                             -Deverett Allison - CEO DBD Designs

If you have a big night like the Emmy's, Grammy's and Oscars or even just that night you want to make him say "Wow", use PFINT for your needs and you will feel like a celebrity!"                                                                                       -Stacey Blanchet - CEO Blanchet Designs